Ben Bleikamp

I'm a manager on the Product Design team at GitHub. I started at GitHub in April 2011 as an early member of the Design team.

Most recently I led the design of Projects.

Before GitHub I was a Product Manager at Yelp and the first designer at Bleacher Report.

I've consulted with New York Times best-selling authors Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi as well as companies like LinkedIn, Mint, Moz, and EventBrite.


  • GitHub Projects

    Design lead for Projects, a tool to organize your work on GitHub.

  • Protected branches

    I sketched and built early prototypes of GitHub's protected branches feature. I also conducted user interviews and coordinated the beta program before launch.

  • GitHub Mobile

    I designed and built GitHub's first mobile site and design system.

  • GitHub Enterprise

    I was the first designer for GitHub Enterprise and helped ship the first version of GitHub's on-premise product.

  • Yelp & Open Table Partnership

    Designer and product manager for a partnership between Yelp and Open Table that let people make reservations on

  • Hot New Businesses on Yelp

    Product manager for a feature that analyzed Yelp's data to highlight new, popular businesses on Yelp's homepage.

  • Consulting

    I've worked with New York Times best-selling authors Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferris to design, build, and manage their blogs and help launch their best-selling books.

    I've also consulted with companies like LinkedIn, EventBrite, Moz, and