Ben Bleikamp

I'm a professional software designer, amateur programmer, and co-founder at Cased.

I spent a decade in San Francisco building tools for developers and designers at GitHub and Meta. Now I live in Colorado, still building tools for designers and developers.


I joined GitHub in 2011 as one of the first 20 employees and an early product designer. Eventually I led the design team as Director of Product Design and started the product management team as Director of Product.

I left GitHub in 2017 and joined Meta to lead a team building design tools and infrastructure. The team is responsible for Origami Studio as well as many internal tools.

Before all that I worked at Yelp as an early product manager and was the first designer hired at Bleacher Report. In college I made beer money building WordPress sites for people like Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi.

Right now I'm a co-founder at Cased and I write small angel checks to founders who are building new tools.

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